Interview with Carol Kipling

DigiLetter: What originally led you to pursue art?

Carol Kipling: Art and design have been in my DNA ever since I can remember. As a child I wanted to paint, draw and re-arrange everything – from items in a drawer to fallen tree stumps in the woods.

DL: You seem to have a lot of opportunities to rub shoulders with celebrities. Is there anything about their various lifestyles or philosophies that really resonates with you?

CK: I admire people who have the courage to pursue their passion. Musicians and actors especially have to be committed to their craft and compete in a world of uncertainty – not knowing if they will have another movie contract or album release. I have had the privilege of being let into their private world and what I see is their struggle to find balance in their lives, just like all of us. I hope to convey personal stories of some of these people in hopes their difficulties and successes can educate and inspire others. (And, of course, it’s very exciting to work with creative people who influence and entertain thousands if not millions of people on our planet).

DL: How do you find the inspiration for your work?

CK: My work is very ethereal and is developed from the inspiration of the colors and textures in nature. Clients usually come to me because I provide them with surroundings where they can they can relax, feel renewed and find a sense of truth for their own reverence for life. For myself, I travel often to observe nature and one of my favorite places to visit is Iceland – the water, the light, and the remoteness is all standing still and yet all seems to become fluid at the same time. This is what I try to project in my client projects.

DL: Your website seems to focus on pictures of assorted works. How would you characterize your DigiLetter?

CK: “The Art of Building Beauty” is for people who get excited about seeing something interesting and new in all of the arts. Enthusiasts can find inspiration and professionals can gain insight. It’s a new global world for business, art and design and there can be an overload of information to sift through. “The Art of Building Beauty” can be a refreshing and trusted source to stay connected in both its information and exchange of ideas directly with each subscriber.

DL: What kind of people would you like to subscribe to your DigiLetter? Do you plan on answering reader-submitted questions?

CK: Subscribers to “The Art of Building Beauty” will be artists, artisans, retailers, wholesalers, art collectors, interior designers and all of those who have a passion for art and design and the influencers who create them. And yes, I plan on answering reader-submitted questions as this is one of the great marketable features of Mag2’s DigiLetter.

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