Our Mission

DigiLetter aims to provide content producers with a simple, reliable, and intimate means of reaching their audiences. Readers not only get access to exclusive material, but also receive a direct line to communicate with the writers.

Ryosuke Komori

Born and raised in Kyoto, Japan, Ryosuke helped found MAGUMAGU Inc., the parent company of Mag2, Inc., in 1996 before leaving to broaden his business experience. After honing his marketing skills at an insurance company followed by a bank, he returned to MAGUMAGU and ultimately became president in November 2013. In January 2013, he established the Mag2, Inc. subsidiary in Seattle, Washington to expand the business in the U.S. He concurrently serves as President of Mag2, Inc. and lives in Seattle with his wife and son.

Andrew Robbins

Andrew moved to Japan in 2006 to explore a world removed from his IT career path, but ultimately found himself right back in the thick of things. Responsible for English writer recruitment and DigiLetter content, he also continues to serve on the technical staff at MAGUMAGU in Japan. Though based in Kyoto, he often travels between Seattle and Japan to recruit potential writers and to provide support for all of the writers as they launch their DigiLetters.

Japanese Parent Company

MAGUMAGU, Inc., the Japanese industry leader in email newsletters, has a proven track record of 18 years of operating their email newsletter distribution platform with over 10 million total subscribers. Their system enables writers to connect to their subscribers and send them regularly scheduled content.


Their success revolves around their accumulation of user subscription fees, advertising revenue, various writer services, and other business related to their email distribution services.

Premium email newsletter distribution volume in Japan
Writers - 1,200
Subscribers - 100,000

Successful Case Studies In Japan

DigiLetters have a long history of success in Japan.
Here are just a couple of our stand-out writers.

Satoshi Nakajima
Entrepreneur, Software Architect

One of the creators of Windows 95/98 and IE, Satoshi Nakajima is an engineer who composes his seminar-like DigiLetter about IT and business administration.

Takafumi Horie
Famous Japanese Entrepreneur

With over a million dollars in annual revenue, this is the number one DigiLetter in Japan. From economic information to inside stories in the entertainment industry, readers enjoy access to information and personal predictions not written in his blog. His Q&A corner is very popular, where he resolves his subscribers' concerns by making use of his innate creativity and imagination.