Once I pay for my subscription do I get access to all writers’ content?

Think of Mag2 as an online publisher. If you were to buy the latest release by Steve Martin, he probably wouldn’t be too keen to hear that Carol Burnett were splitting his profits (both Simon & Schuster, incidentally). In order to receive content from multiple writers, you’ll need to purchase multiple subscriptions.

About what time are email magazines delivered?

Email is generally delivered first thing in the morning according to each writers’ posted schedule. There may be an occasional hour or two delay, however, due to internet congestion. If your content fails to arrive in your inbox, feel free to contact us and we’ll make sure you get it immediately.

Do you send spam?

Mag2 will neither send you spam nor distribute your personal information to any third parties. See our privacy page for more details.

My DigiLetter never arrived. What should I do?

Please contact us and our support staff will have it packed up and delivered to your inbox in a jiffy. Sending cookies to our office won’t necessarily expedite the resolution process, but it wouldn’t hurt.

If I purchased a DigiLetter subscription prior to its launch, do I still get one month free?

Of course!

Can I get a free month of back issues?

Our “one month free trial” policy only covers subscriptions. Back issues must be purchased separately.

If I order a back issue when will it be delivered?

It should be delivered within 24 hours of when you ordered it. If you’ve failed to receive a back issue you purchased, please contact us.

Is member registration free?

As free as air (except canned air — that’s not free).

I forgot my password.

No problem! Click here to reset it.

I want to change my account info.

Simply log into your account and click on My Account and all of your information should be available for updating.