One Month Free Trial

Your one month free trial comes with no strings attached.  Seriously!  Just cancel before the end of the month and you won’t be charged a cent.  Note that you will receive one free month’s worth of DigiLetter issues.  This means that if you subscribe on the 15th of the month, you’ll receive all issues published thus far that month as well as the remaining issues for the month as soon as they are published.  It does not mean that you have a free subscription until the 15th of the following month.  Take a gander at the FAQ for more details.


This is Fred.  Fred has heard the DigiLetter hype and is curious because his favorite sportsman Speedy McAwesome and his favorite musician Dub Stepperson started new DigiLetters last month.  Being the fiscally responsible and prudently cautious kind of guy that he is, Fred doesn’t want to pledge his full monetary support before sampling the their content.

Thankfully, Fred read through the site (he even read the Terms of use!) and learned that he can get one free month’s worth of content without any additional obligation.


After sampling the content, Fred decided to subscribe to Speedy McAwesome’s DigiLetter, but he cancelled his subscription to Dub Stepperson without having to pay any fees.  In the interim, however, he found out that his favorite director Dolly von Chroma also has a DigiLetter so he signed up for yet another free trial.  That is one happy reader.  Way to go, Fred!